Mark Collins – The Cyclone Maritime Helicopter Sinkhole–and Canadian Military Procurement Generally

First, from an earlier post of mine:

The Canadian Forces’ Great Procurement Black Hole

2) Report urges Ottawa to get tough on [Cyclone] helicopter deal

Despite the authors’ links to the mostly hard-core, anti-defence, leftist Rideau Institute (which brings you they are on the right track here. The Maritime Helicopter procurement has been a disgrace, lots more here. Never. Buy. A Paper. Aircraft.

Now some choice words from Defense Industry Daily on the program’s delays, and on greater transparency in our military procurement:

Canada’s CH-148 Cyclones: Better Late, or Never?

…Canada’s balkanized responsibilities, consistent insistence on specifications not met by anything in the marketplace, and an unaccountable public service culture [I think the CF are included here] which has included deceiving Parliament, must also be considered as factors. Ottawa Citizen.

…Not going to happen – certainly not from this government, and probably not from any other party’s government, either. The culture of denial and coverup in Canada’s public service is too established and too deep, and none of the 3 major parties shows any signs of challenging it. See also Epoch Times | National Post | Reuters

Yikes. The full piece is depressing account of this long and indefensible saga.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Research Fellow at the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute

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2 responses to “Mark Collins – The Cyclone Maritime Helicopter Sinkhole–and Canadian Military Procurement Generally

  1. Latest from at

    “Another Info-machine update (also attached if link doesn’t work)


    May 12, 2011: Arrival of the first interim helicopter (MH 806) at 12 Wing Shearwater.
    May 17, 2012: MH 806 left 12 Wing Shearwater for the Sikorsky facility at West Palm Beach, Florida to undergo modifications prior to returning to at a later date.
    June 7, 2012: Arrival of interim maritime helicopter (MH 804) to 12 Wing Shearwater.
    June 16, 2012: Arrival of interim maritime helicopter (MH 808) to 12 Wing Shearwater.
    August 3, 2012: Arrival of interim maritime helicopter (MH 807) to 12 Wing Shearwater.
    September 25, 2012: MH 806 returned to 12 Wing Shearwater after having underdone modifications at the Sikorsky facility in West Palm Beach, Florida


    Current Status:

    Some critical work remains outstanding before the Canadian Armed Forces can take formal delivery of the first interim maritime helicopters. Most notably, a Canadian military flight clearance and training for the initial cadre of aircrew and technicians need to be completed.
    DND continues to closely monitor progress towards achieving all delivery requirements for the interim maritime helicopters, as well as the potential impact on the schedule for delivery of the final version of the Cyclone. The Canadian Armed Forces expect to take formal delivery of the interim maritime helicopters in 2013.


    (80.33 kB – downloaded 2 times.)'”,35098.msg1211977.html#msg1211977

    Mark Collins

  2. AFG

    The saga of the CMHP has been focused in the late deliveries. However nobody, to my knowledge, has paid attention to the aircraft reliability and quality – workmanship and supplier components – and the best indicator of that is the Cost of Poor Quality index (COPQ) which as of June/2013 had consumed the whole year budget. I think DND should begin to review both the quality metrics of the Final Assembly and Product Centers including a verification of the effectiveness of the corrective actions to improve them. Quality and Reliability are not the same, both are related. An aircraft which components has been rejected several time either because failed the acceptance tests (ATP) or have been found damage on the assembly and none root cause/corrective action have been determine, is in my own opinion, an aircraft with reliability questionable.

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