Mark Collins – The End of a Century of British Fighting?

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the Guardian looks to a more British peaceful future–a bit over-optimistically (and note the supposed Muslim multi-cult impact)?

British forces’ century of unbroken warfare set to end with Afghanistan exit
War-weariness among the public and wariness among politicians mean next year could be the first since at least 1914 that British soldiers, sailors and air crews are not engaged in fighting

Interactive: see all of Britain’s military engagements over the last 100 years

Britain’s generals and politicians anticipate that 2015 may be a year finally without conflict and are planning accordingly. Senior military staff describe this as a “strategic pause”.

Assuming agreement is reached with the Afghanistan government before the end of the year, a few hundred soldiers will be left behind to help with training at the army academy, and a few others in a consultative role but not for combat. Special forces could be deployed but no one in the Ministry of Defence is going to go public on that.

The potential absence of war is attributed to a number of factors: lack of public support for the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts; cuts in the size of the army, making it harder to mount similar operations; an increasingly multicultural Britain that could make intervention in Muslim countries more problematic [what is one to make of that?]; and antipathy among the present generation of politicians to interventions, as demonstrated by last year’s Commons vote against action in Syria

Senior MoD figures told the Guardian in January that they believed a reluctance among an increasingly multicultural British population to see troops deployed abroad would influence the next two strategic defence reviews…

Hmm.  Canada?  Relevant:

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Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds

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