Mark Collins – CANIC 2013: “The Canadian Intelligence Enterprise in the 21st Century”

The starts of reports on a conference last year of which one had been unaware:

1) At the International Association for Intelligence Professionals (IAFIE) Newsletter, Winter 2013, p. 8:

CANIC [Canadian Intelligence Conference] 2013, “First Annual” Conference of the Canadian Military Intelligence Association [website here], held on 25 October 2013

The recently formed Canadian Military Intelligence Association (CMIA) held its “first annual” conference on military intelligence on 25 October 2013, at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata, just west of Ottawa.

The one day event was a success, with some 250 participants present. Featured keynoters included Stephen Rigby, National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister of Canada, and Major General Christian Rousseau, Chief of Defence Intelligence and Commander, Canadian Forces Intelligence Command. After lunch, we heard from Richard Fadden, Deputy Minister of National Defence (and former Director, Canadian Security Intelligence Service).

The theme of the conference was “The Canadian Intelligence Enterprise in the 21st Century”…

2) At Frontline SecurityVol. 8 No. 3:

The Future of Intelligence 2013
By Dr. James Cox

The formidable array of speakers  included; Stephen Rigby, the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister; Richard Fadden, the Deputy Minister of National Defence; and Major-General Christian Rousseau, the Chief of Defence Intelligence, and Commander of Canadian Forces Intelligence Command. In addition, panels of eminent practitioners and trainers from the intelligence community provided other expert views.

CANIC 2013 was predicated on “the big idea” that Canadian government intelligence activity constitutes an overall Canadian Intelligence Enterprise (CIE), defined as the integrated, purposeful activity aimed at keeping Canada and Canadians safe by providing foresight that enables government, at all levels, to act with advantage against a wide spectrum of threats (natural and man-made) at home and abroad. As well, the supporting concept of an intelligence value chain was introduced, recognizing a wide array of relevant entities in the intelligence enterprise beyond traditional collectors and analysts. Many others in government, military, industry and academia play complementary roles in enhancing the intelligence enterprise.

The conference revealed a number of strategic influences affecting the future of the CIE…

And here’s a 2012 CDFAI paper by Dr Cox (with biography):

Canada and the Five Eyes Intelligence Community

General background:

Strategic Intelligence Headline of the Day (plus inside Ottawa stuff)

Video, Mon. Feb. 3 1600 ET: CSEC, CSIS Heads at Canadian Senate Committee

Canadian Security Intelligence Service 2011-2013 Public Report Published

The Pentagon’s New HUMINT Service, Part 3–Plus the CF

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds

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  1. As for CSEC hoo-hah:

    Mark Collins

  2. OSINT in action quite a while ago:

    Mark Collins

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